My aim is to be 100% clear on costs.


How I Structure Our Fees

The sums I charge depend on the kind of work you wish me to do for you. When I know what you would like me to do and what is required I or my clerk can let you know how much it will cost.

Typically, I charge fixed fees at the beginning of a case or for court hearings and an hourly rate for subsequent work. I require payment in advance before I begin work for you.

Fees For Hearings

The fee I charge for court hearings will depend on the type of hearing, the preparation required, the location and level of the Court or Tribunal, and the time estimate for the hearing.

Hourly Rate

I charge an hourly rate of £200 per hour for advisory and drafting work. Once I get an overview of the issue you would like me to advise on, or the document(s) you would like me to draft, I will let you know how long it will take and so how much it will cost. If you provide me with additional paperwork after I have given you an estimate, and the additional paperwork means the work will take longer, the estimate will change depending on how much longer I will need to spend on the case.

Settlement Agreements

I can provide independent advice on a settlement agreement for the purposes of s.203 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 for a standard fixed fee of £500 plus VAT.

“Ms Joanna Kerr’s advice come at a crucial time for me, without which
I would not have been able to win my claim, and receive
a satisfactory settlement. I would heartily recommend her to
anyone who needs direct access. ”

Rosa, Oxford

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